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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pat's New Laundry Room

After many years of using this crowded depressing half-lit room for doing her washing and drying, Pat called me to come in and renovate the space.
She told me she wanted a bright cheerful laundry room.
We started by framing and drywalling the old concrete walls. Then we installed lots of receptacles and put in an overhead flourescent light.

We visited the Lotto home together and she spotted a tile she really liked, so we put the same one in for the floor.
The result is a clean, bright, simple room that is a pleasure to use.
Pat's dream was to have an ironing board that folds out from the wall so we put one in for her. She grows African violets in the room so it also adds to the light (and beauty) of this space.

We even put a TV in the corner so she can watch TV while she irons.
Pat says she loves being in this room now.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mozy's Shawarma

November 14, 2010; Kitchener Ontario

When Mozarfar asked me to come build his new store on 247 King Street, Waterloo, I didn't know what a 'shawarma' was. I'm not completely sure now. All I know is that it's delicious!
Mozarfar came from Syria a few years ago. He used to drive past a hot dog vendor at the corner of University and King and say to himself: "if only I could have a small business like that some day."

 Now his dream is coming true, except, instead of having a road-side stand, he has managed to build not one, but two restaurants.   
This is the main counter in his store. It was a very interesting challenge to build something so large. We covered the front in laminate and ordered special wide molded tops at 2 different levels. 

Here is the business card from the existing store. He is located in a little known plaza on Highland road and yet people seek him out.  Now  we are all excited to see what will happen next.  Mozarfar is in a great second location and he has a great attitude and a wonderful product.  I know his new restaurants is going to be a tremendous success.  Asalamalakum!